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Migraine and Headache Treatment with Chiropractic Therapy

Written By Chapman Health Group on September 28, 2020

rsz headache2If you suffer from acute or chronic headaches, you’re not alone. Nine out of 10 Americans struggle with headaches or migraines and experience a multitude of frequent and throbbing pain. While the simple pain relief option oftentimes leads to reaching for over-the-counter medicine, they only mask the pain and provide limited relief. 

Let’s take a look at how chiropractic provides natural migraine and headache treatment solutions for long-term pain relief. 

Natural Chiropractic for Headache and Migraine Treatment

If you’re looking for a natural headache and migraine treatment, chiropractic offers a non-invasive solution that diagnoses the root cause of your pain and develops a personalized treatment plan to fit your individual needs. It often includes a combination of massage, spinal manipulation, and various exercises that improve spinal movement.

Cervicogenic Headaches

Cervicogenic headaches are typically one-sided pain that starts at the back of the head and moves to the front. Sometimes accompanied with shoulder and arm pain, these headaches are often caused by an injury or underlying neck problems.  

Natural chiropractic headache treatment often includes:

  • Spinal manipulation: Controlled force applied directly to the cervical spine
  • Joint mobilization: Targets the cervical spine by passively moving joints
  • Deep neck flexion exercises: Slowly moves and stretches your muscles and joints

Migraine Headaches

More intense than headaches, migraines are typically associated with dizziness, nausea, and sensitivity to light. Migraines can last anywhere from hours to days and can be so severe that it interferes in your daily life. 

Typical chiropractic migraine treatment includes:

  • Neuromuscular massage to focus on trigger points in the back, neck, and head
  • Spinal manipulation 
  • Nutritional, physical therapy, or exercise advice to relieve migraine triggers 

Tension Headaches

As the most common type, tension headaches often result from strain in the shoulders, head, or neck. While tension headaches don’t typically last long, your Leesburg chiropractor will work to improve any chronic issues and associated pain. For tension headaches, your treatment plan may include craniocervical mobilization that gently moves and stretches your cervical segments. 

Migraine and Headache Pain Relief in Leesburg, FL

You don’t have to live with migraine and headache pain. If you’re experiencing discomfort, Todd Chapman, D.C. at Chapman Health Group will conduct a full physical and medical history examination to understand the cause of your migraine or headache pain. Once diagnosed, your treatment plan will help you achieve long-term relief without needing over-the-counter medicine or surgery.

To discover pain relief from headaches and migraines, schedule an appointment with Chapman Health Group today.

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