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Category: Chiropractic

3 Advantages of Seeing a Chiropractor for Sports Injuries

Written By Chapman Health Group on July 14, 2021

Our chiropractors at Chapman Health Group in Leesburg have deep knowledge of human anatomy and extensive experience in treating sports injuries, making our doctors the best choice for when athletes, weekend warriors and active individuals get hurt. Out of the... Read More

5 Great Benefits of Cryotherapy

Written By Chapman Health Group on May 17, 2021

Cryotherapy is a pretty old practice dating back to ancient Egypt. It’s grown from using ice packs and wraps to having cold chambers big enough for you to sit in. Not only is cryotherapy proven beneficial to your health, it’s inexpensive... Read More

Protect Yourself from Disc Degeneration with Intersegmental Traction

Written By Chapman Health Group on April 15, 2021

Your spinal discs can always benefit from a little help in improving circulation. Discs have poor blood supply, which makes it easy to develop disc thinning and degeneration. Intersegmental traction at Chapman Health Group in Leesburg is a great way... Read More

Feeling Stressed? See Your Chiropractor for Some Relief

Written By Chapman Health Group on March 15, 2021

Chiropractic care can just about work miracles on a stressed body. Stress stiffens you up, which puts a strain on various bodily functions. Our chiropractors at Chapman Health Group in Leesburg can ease the stress out of you from head... Read More

4 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Massage Therapy in Leesburg

Written By Chapman Health Group on February 8, 2021

A massage is a great way to unwind.  However, massage therapy is so good for your health that even insurance companies are starting to cover regular massage treatment.  Today, we’ll look at some of the reasons why massage is a good investment... Read More

Massage Therapy and Stress Relief: Is There Really a Link?

Written By Chapman Health Group on January 8, 2021

It’s not a secret that this hands-on therapy can help you relax in the moment and ease some of the pain you experience because of sore muscles.  However, recent research shows that regular massage treatments can lead to stress relief both... Read More

Massage Therapy and Chiropractic Care: A Winning Combination

Written By Chapman Health Group on December 8, 2020

When you have pain and seek chiropractic care in Leesburg, you might expect your chiropractor to recommend spinal adjustments.  Oftentimes, though, he’ll recommend a combination treatment plan that consists of chiropractic treatment and massage therapy.  Why would your Leesburg chiropractor recommend multiple... Read More

How Chiropractic Will Treat Your Disc Pain

Written By Chapman Health Group on October 28, 2020

If you’ve experienced any sort of disc pain, you know how excruciating every preceding movement can be. That pain is a warning sign that it’s time to seek chiropractic treatment to correct the problem and find long-term relief. Let’s take... Read More

Migraine and Headache Treatment with Chiropractic Therapy

Written By Chapman Health Group on September 28, 2020

If you suffer from acute or chronic headaches, you’re not alone. Nine out of 10 Americans struggle with headaches or migraines and experience a multitude of frequent and throbbing pain. While the simple pain relief option oftentimes leads to reaching... Read More

How to Improve Your Posture with Workplace Ergonomics

Written By Chapman Health Group on August 28, 2020

Did you know that sitting too much is damaging to your health? With the typical office employee sitting for 15 hours a day, people are spending more time sitting at work and home. Not only does sitting limit the number... Read More

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