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Feeling Stressed? See Your Chiropractor for Some Relief

Written By Chapman Health Group on March 15, 2021

Stress Relief Chiropractic care can just about work miracles on a stressed body. Stress stiffens you up, which puts a strain on various bodily functions. Our chiropractors at Chapman Health Group in Leesburg can ease the stress out of you from head to toe so you can regain your energy, vitality, and peace of mind.

2 Great Ways Chiropractic Care Relieves Stress

We aim to reduce stress by relieving muscle tension and providing a spinal adjustment designed to help restore full neural function.

Stress reflexively tenses up your body. It’s a defensive mechanism that’s proven vital to our survival as a species. However, instead of running from a predator, we’re running from the news, social media, and the challenges of modern day life. 

We’re often not doing enough to unwind and loosen back up even when the threat has passed. Or worse, we’re chronically stressed, thus chronically tensed up. It’s an exhausting way to live, which can add to stress levels. Our wellness center has various ways to ease tension out of your body, including massage therapy.

Getting an adjustment is beneficial as well because all that tension shifts your spine around. The longer you’re stressed, the more it shifts and stays out of alignment. And yes, this can cause back pain, most often in the lower back.

All that shifting can hinder signals going up and down your spine. You notice this in the form of feeling tired all the time, having frequent stomach issues, never feeling “in the mood”, struggling to sleep, and more. Getting an adjustment can help the rest of your body hear what your brain is trying to tell it to do.

Chapman Health Group Has the Destress Tools

We have a variety of stress-reducing tools at our disposal in Leesburg, including safe, effective CBD products, multiple chiropractic and massage therapies, and other therapies for you to choose from. We will listen to your needs and discuss the best course of action to achieve relaxation.

We’ve combined traditional patient-centered care with cutting-edge technology, leaving you feeling welcomed, cared for and confident you’re in the right place.

Have questions or want to schedule an appointment? Call us at (352) 728-6886 or go online and schedule an appointment. We’re happy to help.

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