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Family Wellness - Checking Your Children's Posture

Written By Chapman Health Group on July 11, 2018

Part of conducting a family wellness check is to evaluate your children's posture. Issues with your children's posture can cause back, neck, and shoulder pain that'll worsen with age. 

Plus, a problem with your children's posture can make them self-conscious. Fortunately, through evaluating and taking corrective measures, you should be able to stop the problem before it progresses. 

What Causes Poor Posture in Children?

While technology allows you to shop from the comfort of your own home and even pay all your bills, it could harm your child's posture. Leaning over a cell phone, tablet, or laptop puts stress on your child's body because they slouch forward and don't sit properly.

Sitting at a desk or even at home all day can also lead to poor posture, and so can lugging around a heavy backpack. 

Kids with poor posture that take part in school or club sports are at a higher risk of injury which further emphasizes the importance of having your child's posture evaluated.

Family Wellness Check – How Can You Evaluate Your Children's Posture?

Performing a family wellness check entails more than just making sure your children are happy and healthy. You must evaluate their posture because it could lead to problems in the future, including neck and back pain. 

Take a look at the position of your children's heads. The head of a child with poor posture will often tilt slightly forward. 

You might also notice raised shoulders in your child rather than them sitting straight. Those with poor posture may even have one shoulder that's higher than the other. 

It's possible your child will complain of back or shoulder pain from having poor posture. 

Correcting Poor Posture in Children

Part of family wellness care from a chiropractor is evaluating and treating your kids' poor posture. As soon as you notice an issue with your children's posture, bring them into the office to prevent problems in the future. 

During a visit, your children will go through exercises that prevent the muscles from weakening. These exercises also prevent poor posture from changing the shape of the spine. 

Your children will receive education on ways to prevent and correct poor posture, such as the proper way to sit when on the computer or laptop. 

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