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Chiropractic Bulging Disc Treatment

Written By Chapman Health Group on March 25, 2020

Bulging Disc Treatment Of the 22 million Americans who visit a chiropractor each year, 35 percent are seeking treatment for conditions that cause back pain, including strains, injuries, and bulging discs. 

Bulging discs can be painful and cause weakness or tingling in various parts of the body. When left untreated, the condition can worsen and lead to future complications. 

Fortunately, not all bulging disc treatments are surgical or invasive. Chiropractic care and management help alleviate symptoms in a relatively short time. 

What is a Bulging Disc?

Spinal discs are soft, rubbery cushions between each of the vertebrae that make up your spine. These discs help facilitate your movement and absorb shock from that movement every day. A bulging disc occurs when a portion of a disc slips from its normal position. 

Bulging discs usually occur over time, but can be induced by trauma. Untreated, bulging discs may develop into herniated discs. A herniated disc occurs when the inner nucleus of the spinal disc begins to leak, which can cause a more significant amount of pain and other potential complications. 

The Symptoms of a Bulging Disc

The symptoms and severity of a bulging disc vary between patients. The most common symptoms of a bulging disc include:

  • Pain or tingling in the neck, upper back, or lower back. This pain may radiate to other parts of the body, including the shoulders, arms, hands, chest, stomach, buttocks, thighs, or feet, depending on where the bulging disc is located.
  • Muscle spasms. 
  • Numbness.
  • Weakness.  

A Closer Look at Chiropractic Bulging Disc Treatment 

Chiropractic bulging disc treatment is an effective alternative option for invasive surgical procedures. Chapman Health Group offers several forms of treatment, including spinal decompression. Spinal decompression uses a series of distraction forces to help reduce bulging and herniated disc material. This minimally-invasive procedure helps reduce pain, swelling, and restore range of motion and muscle tone. 

Seeking Bulging Disc Treatment in Leesburg

Dr. Todd Chapman was first introduced to chiropractic treatments when he sustained an injury to his lower back, playing high school football. The treatment he received made such a difference in his recovery that he decided to pursue a career as a chiropractor. 

After graduating in Marietta, Georgia, Dr. Chapman became a cornerstone of the Leesburg community, where he has helped improve the lives of his patients for years. 

Ready to review your options for bulging disc treatment? Contact Chapman Health Group at (352) 728-6886 or schedule an appointment online.

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