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5 Great Benefits of Cryotherapy

Written By Chapman Health Group on May 17, 2021

CryotherapyCryotherapy is a pretty old practice dating back to ancient Egypt. It’s grown from using ice packs and wraps to having cold chambers big enough for you to sit in.

Not only is cryotherapy proven beneficial to your health, it’s inexpensive and readily available. The Chapman Health Group in Leesburg has one of the best cryotherapy chambers. So if you suffer from migraines, skin issues, nerve irritation, arthritis, or a mood disorder, you can benefit from cryotherapy.

What Cryotherapy Is

Cryotherapy is the application of low temperatures to treat various health issues. Cooling various parts of the body constricts blood vessels, numbs pain, and helps relax muscle spasms while reducing pain-inducing nerve signaling.

Cryotherapy Health Benefits

The most widely experienced benefit of cryotherapy is pain relief due to numbing irritated nerves. Ice packs are a tried and true method. This has led to experimentation with other ways cold can make pain stop, including migraines and arthritis.

One study found that applying a cold therapy to the major arteries in your neck significantly reduced migraine pain.

Another study found that whole-body cryotherapy helped alleviate arthritis pain, which then led to being able to handle other modalities, like physiotherapy, to further manage arthritis.

Skin conditions generally stem from inflammation. Studies show that cryotherapy combat such skin conditions by reducing inflammation and improving antioxidant levels. Antioxidants are molecules responsible for combatting free radicals, a source of pain and inflammation.

Cryotherapy has also been shown to help people mentally. Cold temperatures can trigger various hormonal responses. Since hormones regulate mood, the boosted release of endorphins has a positive effect on your mood. This study found that whole-body cryotherapy provided short-term relief for anxiety and depression.

Cryotherapy in Leesburg

We’ve combined traditional patient-centered care with cutting-edge technology, leaving you feeling welcomed, cared for and confident you’re in the right place. We’d love for you to experience the physical and mental benefits of cryotherapy.

Have questions or want to schedule an appointment? Call us at (352) 728-6886 or go online and schedule an appointment. We’re happy to help.

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